Rules and Safety-

The OC Junior Guard Program provides an excellent learning environment where children are encouraged to explore the beach environment and improve their skills in the ocean. Our number one priority is the safety of the junior lifeguards. By following these simple guidelines, we can work together to ensure that all the junior lifeguards are safe and enjoy their experience in the program to its fullest:
  • Role will be taken on a daily basis to ensure all junior lifeguards are accounted for. Parents must notify our junior lifeguard headquarters if they will be unable to drop their child off before 9:15AM or pick their child up before 3:30PM by calling (949) 443-0773. Please leave a message if you call after hours.

  • Junior Lifeguards must come prepared with the proper equipment (listed on the Required Equipment list). Failure to bring mandatory equipment may result in loss of participation in certain activities for the day.

  • Junior Lifeguards are responsible for bringing proper nutrition and fluids every day of the program.

  • Junior Lifeguards must keep clear of all lifeguard equipment and personnel on the beach unless otherwise instructed or permitted to do so. Lifeguard operations on the beach are vital to public safety. Any interference with the lifeguard operations will result in loss of privileges for the day and possible expulsion from the program.

  • Junior Lifeguards must follow instructions given by any instructor or lifeguard. This is for the safety of the junior lifeguards while they are at the beach. Failure to follow instructions in the ocean environment could lead to dangerous situations or injury.

  • Junior Lifeguards should treat the instructors, assistant instructors, fellow junior lifeguards, and the environment with respect and kindness. Use of harmful language, physical abuse, or any act of disrespect towards fellow JGs, instructors, or the environment is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate phone call to the parents. Frequent breaking of these rules may result in expulsion from the program.

  • All junior lifeguards are required to have fun at all times.